Photo by Ralph Kuehne


Bryan Saner and Ayako Kato in blue fish


Ayako Kato in The Incidents 


Duo with Urs Leimgruber

Photo by William Frederking

Ayako Kato by Bill Frederking



William Frederking Links Dancer Archive Project

2015_223_JewelTones_Orange-2765 2015_223_JewelTones_Orange-2792 2015_223_JewelTones_Orange-4288_jump 2015_223_JewelTones_Orange-4462_balance 2015_223_JewelTones_Orange-4483

Jessica Marasa Production: Jewel Tone ORANGE

Michael Zerang, percussion; Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone;

Jessica Marasa & Ayako Kato, dance

The Incidents

Photo by Ken Carl

Ayako Kato_The Incidents_by Ken Carl_1 Ayako Kato_The Incidents_by Ken Carl_2 The Incidents

Dance by Precious Jennings, Jessica Marasa and Ayako Kato

Choreography by Ayako Kato

Let be

Photo by Daniel Guidara

Video Image by Edyta Stepien; Music by Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone, Hamid Drake, percussion, Jason Roebke, double bass; Dance by Precious Jennings, Maggie Koller, Ayako Kato; Costume by Amanda Franck; Lighting by Chris Wooten; Directed by Ayako Kato

Let be_1_ayako_maggie

Let be_2_Precious_Maggie

Let be_3_Precious_Ayako

Let be_4_Precious_Maggie

Let be_MG_6889

Let be_MG_6943

Dear BACH – Goldberg Variations

Photo by Daniel Guidara

Dance: Ayako Kato

Ayako Kato by Daniel Guidara_3_small



Incidents II by Nadia Oussenko

Dance: Precious Jennings, Maggie Koller, Ayako Kato

IncidentsII_by_Nadia Oussenko_DSC_3741 IncidentsII_by_Nadia Oussenko_DSC_3793


Octet by Nadia Oussenko

Octet Dance (week one/below) The Space / Movement Project:  Stacy Wolfson, Anne Kasdorf, Megan Schneeberger, Larisa Eastman




Octet Dance (week two/below): JulieAnn Graham, Liz Joynt Sandberg, Carleen Healy, Maggie Koller and Precious Jennings

Octet_DSC_3308 Octet_DSC_3421 Octet_DSC_3446 Octet_DSC_3521 Octet_DSC_3587


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