Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape takes diverse production approaches from solo to ensemble and  from traditional theater setting to exhibition style site-specific. She directs, collaborates with musicians and presents simple to complex forms of dance and movement productions under the mission of experiment and conveying the ephemeral and intangible beauty of being.

What is Movement? – movement exhibition with guided tour –

“What Is Movement?” movement exhibition 2017 from Ayako Kato on Vimeo.

Group, 40 – 120 minutes, Supported by High Concept Laboratories Spring 2016 Sponsored Artist Program; Presented by Pivot Arts Festival 2017

blue fish

Ayako dance: “blue fish” the world premiere 2017 Excerpts from Ayako Kato on Vimeo.

Solo, 54 minutes, Supported by the City of Chicago Department Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Full Version (password bluefish2017)

The Incidents (2014)

The Incidents [5 min excerpts] from Ayako Kato on Vimeo.

Trio, 57 minutes. Full Version

The Incidents series is not narrative. Inspired by butterfly effect—one flap of a butterfly’s wings could change the course of the weather forever, ripple effect and Euclidian geometry, it is akin to a mobile sculpture which keeps shifting with the slightest shift of the wind.

Dear BACH – Goldberg Variations


Dear BACH – Goldberg Variations from Ayako Kato on Vimeo.

Solo, 51 minutes. Premiered in Japan 2010; US Premiere in Chicago in 2012:  Full Version
The piece exhibits a spiral journey of resistance, negation and affirmation of imperfect being.

Let be (2013) 41 minutes: 2 min excerpt,  Full Version (Group, 3 dancers, 3 musicians, 1 video artist)

blue fish (2014 -, Solo), 6 min excerpt16 min version

it (2011)
15 – 20 min.
AUH duo Roebke and Kato, has been elevating the art of being through sound and movement with refined moments of Ma—silence, space, and stillness. It
looks nothing, yet everything.
1 dancer, 1 musician, 1 lighting designer.

Crosscut Trio (2007–), sample 1sample 2
15 – 25 min.
The awardwinning trio adds new dimension to avant-garde sound and movement improvisation influenced by both American jazz and Japanese traditional arts.
1 dancer, 2 musicians,1 lighting designer.

Video & Dance Installation
Edyta Stepien, video; Ayako Kato, dance

Inter—movement of being (2012)

Under the Feet (2011, ALive Installation Project)



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