The Incidents (2014) 57 minutes: 5 min excerpt, Full Version (Group, 3 dancers) The Incidents series is not narrative. Inspired by butterfly effect—one flap of a butterfly’s wings could change the course of the weather forever, ripple effect and Euclidian geometry, it is akin to a mobile sculpture which keeps shifting with the slightest shift of the wind.

Dear BACH – Goldberg Variations (Solo, Premiered in Japan 2010; US Premiere in Chicago in 2012) 51 minutes: 3 min excerptFull Version
The piece exhibits a spiral journey of resistance, negation and affirmation of imperfect being.
1 dancer, 1 lighting designer.

Let be (2013) 41 minutes: 2 min excerpt,  Full Version (Group, 3 dancers, 3 musicians, 1 video artist)

blue fish (2014 -, Solo), 6 min excerpt16 min version

it (2011)
15 – 20 min.
AUH duo Roebke and Kato, has been elevating the art of being through sound and movement with refined moments of Ma—silence, space, and stillness. It
looks nothing, yet everything.
1 dancer, 1 musician, 1 lighting designer.

Crosscut Trio (2007–), sample 1sample 2
15 – 25 min.
The awardwinning trio adds new dimension to avant-garde sound and movement improvisation influenced by both American jazz and Japanese traditional arts.
1 dancer, 2 musicians,1 lighting designer.

Video & Dance Installation
Edyta Stepien, video; Ayako Kato, dance

Inter—movement of being (2012)

Under the Feet (2011, ALive Installation Project)



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